Dear Home-Start Friend

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Home-Start South Africa to you.

Home-Start South Africa is an organisation that assists families in need. We will support any family who needs us; the only condition is that they have at least one child under school age.

Home-Start South Africa has been supporting families in Benoni and Daveyton for the past eight years. At Home-Start South Africa we believe that every child deserves the best start in life. We also understand that raising children can be difficult under normal circumstances.

However, when adversity strikes it can be very hard. Whether it is through death of a family member, divorce, illness, children with behavioural problems or a multitude of reasons it makes a difficult life even harder. This is when families need a little extra help to get their children off to a good start, hence our name, so we match experienced volunteers with families to offer help and support.

Our volunteers are all extensively trained by Home Start in accordance with strict international standards.

  • Our Vision

    Home-Start South Africa wishes to see a country where struggling or vulnerable parents receive the help they need to give their young children the best possible start in life.

    To achieve this, Home-Start would like to have a successful scheme (branch) in every major town in South Africa.

  • Our Mission

    Home-Start offers regular emotional support, friendship and practical guidance to families with young children in South Africa.

  • Our Goals are:

    • To keep children safe.
    • To equip families with life skills.
    • To empower families


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Final Thoughts

Home-Start is a friend to parents with young children.

Introducing a volunteer friend to a parent who has never had a real friend, or who desperately needs one, is possibly one of Home-Start's greatest gifts!