Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision

Home-Start South Africa wishes to see a country where struggling or vulnerable parents receive the help they need to give their young children the best possible start in life. To achieve this, Home-Start would like to have a successful scheme (branch) in every major town in South Africa.

To achieve this, we would like to have a successful scheme in very major town in South Africa

Our mission

Home-Start offers regular emotional support, friendship and practical guidance to families with young children in South Africa.

Our Goals are:

  • To keep children safe.
  • To equip families with life skills.
  • To empower families


  • 1086695 day in the park
  • 1193956 mother and son
  • 1193956 mother and s2

Final Thoughts

Home-Start is a friend to parents with young children.

Introducing a volunteer friend to a parent who has never had a real friend, or who desperately needs one, is possibly one of Home-Start's greatest gifts!