The Benefits

By sharing their time and friendship, volunteers offer families the opportunity to develop new relationships, fresh ideas and enhanced skills and capabilities. Home-Start's gentle method of early intervention with families helps to prevent difficulties from escalating into crises and family breakdown.

Some of the benefits that have been reported by previous Home-Start families include, but are by no means limited to: a renewed interest by parents in their children and an increased ability to respond to their children's needs. Parents also gain a greater understanding of their children and feel better equipped to foster their children's development. The parents also gain confidence in their own parenting abilities.

Parents felt energized and were able to spend more time with their children. The parents also became more affectionate towards their young children. The parents also noted a positive change in their children's behaviour and felt that they had the skills to appropriately deal with their young children's misbehaviour.

Parents have greater ability to sort out their own, and their children's, problems. The parents feel that they have been able to regain control over their lives and are better able to cope with life's challenges.

Another benefit as reported by parents, is that they feel empowered to take advantage of the resources available in the community.

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Final Thoughts

Home-Start is a friend to parents with young children.

Introducing a volunteer friend to a parent who has never had a real friend, or who desperately needs one, is possibly one of Home-Start's greatest gifts!