Home-Start Families

We have been supporting families in the Benoni and Daveyton area for 10 years.

Home-Start support is available to any families who are experiencing difficulties or stress. The families that are referred to Home-Start (either by themselves or other referral organisations) might be struggling to cope due to a variety of factors; these might include (but are not limited to) stress, practical difficulties and/or depression.

These are a few of the difficulties facing families when they are referred to Home-Start:

  1. The families that Home-Start could support might be finding it hard to cope with a child's illness or disability. The parents could be struggling with their own health.
  2. A new mother might be suffering from Post-Natal Depression. A mother might feel lonely and does not know where to turn. The families could be trying to meet the demands of a large family or multiple births. Single-parent families that seem not to be coping and child-headed households that are in awful predicaments.
  3. The parents might be having marital difficulties, or perhaps there has been a separation or divorce in the family. The families might have lost a significant other and could be battling to come to terms with the loss.
  4. Perhaps the family is living in poor housing and poverty. The family might have had to relocate for financial reasons and they find themselves isolated with little or no sense of support.

The above-mentioned factors could all contribute to family crisis and breakdown with the young children being neglected or in some cases, abused. It is here where Home-Start could intervene with the family, offering emotional support and guidance, in an effort to preserve the family and ensuring that the children are kept safe.

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Final Thoughts

Home-Start is a friend to parents with young children.

Introducing a volunteer friend to a parent who has never had a real friend, or who desperately needs one, is possibly one of Home-Start's greatest gifts!